Worship leader and recording Artist, SINACH who has led millions around the world in worship, for over 25 years, headlining Concerts in USA, UK, SA, Canada, India, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Bahamas, South Africa and 40 more countries, is set to release another Sound to kick start the new year.

Release Date: 13th FEBRUARY 2021

She is the author of Way Maker, I Know Who I Am, The Name of Jesus, There’s an Overflow and much more.

With over 2billion watch time and with more than 1.2million subscribers and 457m views on her videos, grossing over 146m on WayMaker alone, Sinach is the most streamed Gospel Artist from Africa and her song, WayMaker is the most translated and most sung Gospel song in recent times, with cumulatively over 300 million views on the official and licensed handles on Youtube.

She is followed by over 1.5m on facebook, and a million on Instagram, having a demography of listeners and followership cutting across over 100 countries.

Inducted into the Bethlehem Hall of Fame in 2017 and listed in 2019’s Reputation Poll’s most reputable persons on earth, Sinach’s music is recognized by many Governments and corporate institutions with her songs being sung in most Churches around the world, with a recent invitation to the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

She’s won numerous awards in her home country Nigeria and beyond, and has been listed on several listings such as top 100 influential Christians in Nigeria, Western Africa Artist of the Year, African Achievers Award for Global Excellence, Songwriter of the Decade, and many more.

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Connect with Sinach

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sinach

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialSinach

Instagram: therealsinach


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