Prolific songwriter, award winning artiste and music icon Samsong returns with E Dey Work. Titled in one of Nigeria’s popular language “Pidgin English” E Dey Work simply means “It’s Working”.

Samsong is popular Known for churning out hits back to back like Bianule, Odogwu, Capable God and so many others.

E Dey Work is set to be an anthem in 2019. Beyond the groovy the song is filled with prophetic declarations. What you speak is what you see and become. E Dey Work reaffirms that you are the first prophet over your life.

Talking about what birthed the song, the music legend said; “we are children of the light, we are taught to speak what we want to see. A lot of misconception and false doctrines are everywhere online, that it doesn’t work for you does not mean it won’t work for another. In simple terms E Dey Work.”

E Dey Work is produced by GID for Boogie Down Concepts.


The word of God in my mouth
(E dey work)
The Spirit of the Lord in my heart,
(E dey work)
When I speak in tongues,
(E dey work)
Even my tithe and offering
(E dey work)
The Name of Jesus in my mouth
(E dey work)
Ei dey work, E dey work
(E dey work)
You say, E dey work
(E dey work)
Ei dey work, E dey work
(E dey work)
{E dey work oh
I say e dey work oh} [x2]

[Verse 1]
People living life in a fool’s paradise,
Living life like a toss a dice,
Brother, if e no work for your side,
E don’t mean what we do is a lie, (Ehn)
Talk about my tithe and my offering,
I pay my tithe
Put an end to the suffering,
My life be turning on hin own,
You say, (turning on hin own)
Don’t talk down on the anointing,
Small talk can bring you
Down to nothing,
What you don’t understand, (leave it)
Makes no sense to still take a stand,
This is our life, Our culture,
We are from Commonwealth of Zion,
We live by a different set of rules,
This is what we do,
This is how we rules

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Keep saying it don’t stop talking it
A closed mouth is a closed up destiny
Quit Christians die quietly
If you must live right
Only say the right things
Ha, kabaye Kabaye
(Bross you de speak in tongues)
Calm down this na my secret
Na the power and
The glory of Christianity
When I speak in tongues
There’ll be nay circumstances
Speak in tongues
move all that mountain
When I speak in tongues
I change situations
Speak in tongues
Put the Devil in confusion
This is our life, Our culture,
We are from Commonwealth of Zion
We live by a different set of rules
This is what we do,
This is how we rules

[Repeat Chorus]

If you want your life
To take a new turn
All you need to do is
Say this words after me
{Lord I believe in you
And I receive the power
To become the son of God} [x2]

[Repeat Chorus]




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