Recorded Live in Accra Ghana. BO NOO NI (live) Written by Joe Mettle ( reverb Studios).

Bo Noo Ni is a Native Ghanaian tongue maning NO ONE ELSE. It Is a Song of glorification. Download and be Blessed.


I am who I am because of You
If it had not been for You
Tell me where would I be?
I was lost and sinking deep in sin
But you reached out Your hand – and rescued me
No one else can do the things You do
There’s no one else but You (Repeat)

Bo nɔɔ ni ei (No one Else)
Nuntsor, Bo nɔɔ ni ei (Lord No one Else)
Bo nɔɔ (Only You)
No one else but You (Repeat)

Never thought that you could love someone like me
To give up Your life for me!
You even go on and call me Your very own (Your very own)
So grateful for Your Love (Your mercy and grace)
No one can do the things You do for me
No one else but You (Repeat)


So where would I be if not for Your love
Your Love so amazing; its better than life itself
I once was lost but now I am found
Father you found me!
I’m so glad that you did


Tsaasɛ moko bɛ ni tamor bo (There’s no one like you)
Bo nɔɔ ni ei (No one Else)
Bo nɔɔ ni ei (No one Else) (Repeat)

Moko moko moko moko (No one x4)
Bɛ ni tamor bo (None like You) (Repeat)




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