Official audio and Live Video for “Yes He Lives ” by Hannah Hobbs and Alexander Pappas.


On a hill for sinners
His body broken
A King forsaken
As He hung on that cross

The veil in pieces
The temple shaken
They mourned the Saviour
But it wasn’t for long

Oh He lives
He’s risen from the grave
Victorious our Saviour reigns
Oh yes He reigns

He rose
The stone is rolled away
Forever our Redeemer lives
Oh yes He lives

There in the silence
It wasn’t over
Oh our Redeemer
Was getting ready to rise

And on that morning
They came to find Him
But that tomb was empty
‘Cause He is alive

Jesus Christ crucified
Through His death there is life
By the blood of the Lamb
We have been forgiven

Our debt has been paid
There is grace upon grace
Only one Name that saves
And His name is Jesus


Hannah Hobbs, Alexander Pappas – Yes He Lives (Official Live Video)


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