Happy Feast Of Tabernacles!! Sukkot is here, and it’s the most joyful feast in the biblical calendar
God came to redeem and free us when “the Word became flesh & ‘tabernacled’ among us!”

When God freed Israel from Egypt, they went out to worship Him! Our Lord has freed us too!
In this feast of ingathering, we join together in freedom as we worship in spirit & in truth.

This song of praise was written by our dear friend & worship leader, Mattias Jelski. It’s a declaration & celebration of the freedom we have to worship because of the freedom from sin & darkness given to us through Yeshua & His Indwelling Spirit!

Join us together to praise Yeshua with this new Hebrew Live Worship session, recorded on the Mountain Of Olive where Yeshua will return!


I Am Free | Ani Chofsh(Live) [Worship Session]

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