Apostle Michael Orokpo is a preacher to the youth, He is fiery and carries a message of revivals to quicken the feeble in the nations.

He is a passionate soul winner and teacher of the gospel. He is a living witness and communicator of the immortal realities of God. His love for God is compelling and challenging.

About Message

When you confront reality, only the spirit man can fight but where the spirit man is weak, you’re left with nothing to hold. Nothing to hold because the spirit is starved and lacks strength to wage a battle.

So if you cannot strike some chords in the realms of the spirit where it matters, demons or challenges will not waste their energy and or resources on your life, you’re already wrapped in their chain link of defeat.

It’s one thing to know spiritual reality, it’s another thing to demonstrating spiritual reality. The head knowledge of the truth only benefits the psychological classification and intellectual capacity of an individual but revelation of the truth gives you deeper insights into the realms, so much so that you operate without limitations.

It is that realm where God grants you divine revelation to understand the mysteries of the kingdom.


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