The Believer’s success in life is based on: Our knowledge of Jesus Christ; Our understanding of the laws of the Kingdom and the Spirit. The reward means to give something to someone, in recognition of service effort, contribution, or achievement. God rewards any and all types of diligent pursuits. He rewards human endeavours, especially when they are done with integrity and genuine motive. He also rewards the degree of compliance to patterns. Well-doing is a seed with a harvest attached to it. Just as God rewards faithfulness, humans also rewards faithfulness. It is critical for Believers to understand God’s reward system; ignorance of this system will make God seem unjust. Everything in a Believer’s life that is an advantage, can be used to serve the purposes of God, and be a blessing to humanity is considered a gift. God designed the reward system of the Kingdom to function based on the discovery, development, refining, and deployment of your gift.
It is important to know that: God is a rewarder and He gives rewards to people who pay the requisite price. The value of a Believer (skill, potential, and ability) determines what seeks the believer adn the magnitude of the reward. The proof that a Believer has not developed value is that people are unaffected by their absence. Being gifted as a Believer is not enough; you must pay the price to refine and develop your gifts. A believer’s reward and honour lies in the refinement and deployment of their gifts. Sacrifice is the language of Champions. Believers must be prepared to go through the furnance of affiliction in order to develop their gifts. When it has to do with refining value, do not stop until you are competent enough to serve kings.




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