Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmack is one of the most sought after Nigerian preachers. He is the founder of Eternity Network International (ENI), He is also the host of KOINONIA, a weekly programme organized by the aforementioned ministry where people from different part of the world come to Worship and Receive abundant blessing under the great Man of God.

About Sermon

In recent times, ladies have criticized mothers and women in past generations for accepting to marry poor men. In some cases, the criticism is only for accepting men without vision. And in poor homes, it is common to hear children wishing they were born to better families.

Since fathers are generally blamed for intrafamily poverty, we get to hear statements like “I wish mummy married someone rich” or “Just imagine that mum married a rich man…”

However, for some groups, there absolutely are no problems with marrying someone poor. For them, the problem lies with marrying someone with no good plan for the future.

Nonetheless, the truth remains that certain things should be in place before a woman accepts a man. Although opinions differ and people dispute over what these things should be, we can’t help but give our ears to what APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN has to say on this.

  • He Must have the Fear Of God
  • He must have an authority figure he listens to
  • He Must have Passion for you
  • Never Marry A Brother that is irresponsible

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