There Is Nothing Ordinary About You.
You are EXTRAORDINARY and Designed by God to Become The Uncommon Woman. Your Success will depend on the level of your Passion for … Passion Is Power! Your Passion must become an Obsession… taking you to the Highest place for God to bring ultimate victories and accomplishments in and through your life.
An Obsession is when something consumes your thoughts and time Passion Is What You Are Unwilling To Do Without.
This book will assist you in learning every possible strategy to become all you want to be. It can be more than a Dream. You can truly become The Uncommon Woman. You Will Only Be Remembered In Life For Your Obsession And Passion.
Subjects you will learn about are listed below
How To Exit A Relationship Graciously.
The Power of Having A Daily Success Routine.
The Importance of Permitting Yesterdays To Die.
How To Create An Environment of Order And Motivation.
The Value of Protecting Worthy Relationships.
The Powerful Influence of Personal Integrity.
To Become Willing To Go Where You Have Never Been Before.
Encountering Different Types of People.
Staying In The Center of Your Expertise.
Recognizing Your Strength Comes From The Holy Spirit
And Much, Much More.,!

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