“No other personality system offers the gift of revealing the fears and longings that help us cope in this uncertain world, encouraging each other and pointing one another to Jesus, each in our unique way.” –from The Enneagram for Beginners

Recognized as a valuable tool for identifying recurring patterns of unhealthy behavior and the ways we try to earn God’s favor, the Enneagram is used by churches, ministries, and families to grow more like Jesus and be closer to one another. While its wisdom is highly sought after, the Enneagram system can be complicated to navigate for first-time users. In this highly accessible spiritual guide, Certified Enneagram Coach Kim Eddy breaks down the essentials to help beginners discover their type and break free from fear and shame by knowing and experiencing the unconditional love, forgiveness and freedom in Christ.

The Enneagram for Beginners features:
  •  Enneagram 101: that includes everything you need to know about the Enneagram, such as the triads, subtypes, wings, levels of health, ongoing struggles, and more
  •  Easy and supportive steps to find your true type
  •  Deep explorations into each of the nine personality types to understand the ways in which you experience the world and how you can find Jesus everyday
  •  Type-focused scripture that reveals what God says about you
  •  A special prayer for each type
This book is an essential tool for beginners who want to learn their type and find their own transformative path, all while keeping their faith and relationship with Jesus at the center.


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