This book is a principles-centered approach to not only discovering and releasing, but also maximizing the God-given potential trapped within you.

With practical, integrated, and penetrating concepts, this book takes you beyond doing good to experiencing your best. if you think you’ve arrived and have achieved your ultimate in life, this book is for you!

If you are bored with your latest success and frustrated at the prospect of retirement, this book is for you! It will refire your passion for living and give you a reason to die empty. Learn how to die finished, not prematurely. Go for the max!

Maximizing Your Potential will enable you to…

  1. • Take the next step from the author’s Understanding Your Potential and Releasing Your Potential.
  2. • God beyond your self-imposed limitations by breaking the barriers of fabricated fears and inhibitions.
  3. • Identify the major enemies of your hidden abilities and learn the principles for overcoming them.
  4. • Protected and cultivate your life in order to bring forth the best you can be in your generation.

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