Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof.

Beginning from wails of worship, we entered a new marital status “the bride”, from which we entered “priesthood” and stood as priests and kings unto our God. In the school of “prayer”, we were ushered to “the walk” then “glory” “secret place”.

The Lord in his abundant mercies and undaunted love has chosen to bring us now into the phase of HUNGER and THIRST; the end of the phase that begins another glorious phase in the eternal one. Therefore, we are privileged to be sickles relevant in the Lord’s harvest, bringing in the sheaves of his people that the body of Christ may be one with the head; JESUS CHRIST our Lord.

To this end we covet and desire earnestly your sincere prayers and intercession that the mercies of God may find us.


No Glory In This World – Live at “Hunger & Thirst”

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