Official Music & Video for “If I Could Have Anything” featuring Blake Wiggins & Ahjah Walls.

“If I Could Have Anything” was written by Blake Wiggins & Kerri Grimsley. It is the third single lifted from Housefires’ new upcoming album, “How To Start A Housefire”.


Verse 1
May I be like Mary
Open to the movements of your heart
Blessed in the keeping of your promise
A faithful friend of God

May I love your presence
More than any gift you’ve given me
More than any crown I could receive
More than all my dreams

If I could have anything,
Let it be your eyes on me
Every time I catch your gaze
My world starts changing

I don’t have that much to bring
Just a simple song to sing
If I could have anything
Let me be an offering

Verse 2
May I be like David
Unconvinced by power or by idols
Worshiping in triumph and in trial
A faithful friend of God

May I love your spirit
More than reputation or prestige
More than what the world could think of me
Your love is all I need

I come alive loving you
I’m overwhelmed by the way you move
My words fall short when I look at you
Oh, oh, oh


If I Could Have Anything (feat. Blake Wiggins & Ahjah Walls) | Housefires


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