Official audio and Live Video for “Like Honey” by Hannah Hobbs


There’s a weariness that only comes
When I’m away from You
There’s a confidence that always comes
When I’m in step with You

Even in the barren land
You’re speaking life
Streams within the wilderness
You will provide

Your word like honey on my lips
Like water to my soul
Oh how sweet it is
To walk within Your ways
Pour it out like a river
You restore and deliver
Oh how sweet it is
To walk within Your ways
You are faithful again and again

You’re the lamp that lights the way ahead
So I can trust in You
For all my days You’ll go before
You’ll work it all for good

I will see the goodness of the Lord my God
And I believe
That greater things are yet to come
I’ll pray until I see it
I know I’m gonna see it


Hannah Hobbs – Like Honey (Official Live Video)


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