Embark on a sacred journey with our heartfelt worship anthem, “Amen Amen,” a profound track from the enchanting “Worship SZN” project. Immerse yourself in the depths of worship as the ethereal melodies and soul-stirring lyrics pave the way for a divine connection.

Track Overview:
“Amen Amen” is a poignant expression of faith and surrender. Let the powerful harmonies and uplifting atmosphere elevate your spirit, creating a sanctuary of worship wherever you are.

🎶 Worship SZN Project:
Join us on a musical pilgrimage through the entire “Worship SZN” project, an 8-track collection carefully curated to usher you into moments of reflection, praise, and intimacy with the Divine. Each track is a unique chapter in this spiritual journey.


Greatman Takit – Amen Amen feat. Grace Nelson (Official Video)| Worship SZN


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