Official Audio for “Love is a Battleground” from the album, ‘A Hundred Highways’.


If anybody had a reason
To turn around and walk away it was you
Nobody would have ever blamed ya
If you dusted off your hands and said I’m through

When everybody else was leaving
You could have packed your bags and headed out of town
But you kept on coming for me, ‘cause you knew
Love is a battleground

It’s always a fight
Don’t feel fair sometimes
Sure ain’t for the faint of heart
Cuts you like a knife
It can bleed you dry and
Leave you feelin’ torn apart
These wounds and scars you wear ‘em like a crown
Love is a battleground

When everybody said you’re crazy
It’s a hopeless case, a waste of time
Ain’t nothin’ ever gonna change it
Even all those prayers and all those tears you cried

But you walked right through the fire
Never thought of backing down
Yeah you kept on coming for me, cause you knew
Love is a battleground

Oh it’s a give and it’s a take
The life that you laid down
Love is a battleground


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