A great song of unreserved worship. Download and listen as you see yourself soaked in worship.


Father use to tell me
When I was a little boy
That there’s someone up there
That’s precious
But there’s no one, there’s no one precious as he is
This God is master
He’s the master of the universe
He’s the giver of life
He’s the one I should serve
Chineke mo…
Chimobimo ooooo X6

And I don’t know how to say this
And I don’t know how am feeling
I don’t know I don’t know what’s moving in me
And I wouldn’t know why my mind is shaking
Deep down my heart I know
Deep down my soul
That’s why am singing
That’s why am saying obi mo… ooo
Chimobimo oooo X3
Chimara obimo ooo
Chimobimo ooo… X2
Obimo (obimo) X15
Chimara obimo…
Chimobimo oo… X2
Chimara obimo…
Chimara obimo…


Obimo by Will Adiks


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