Acclaimed Nigerian gospel star, president of Rox Nation & Convener of the Reality Show “Sound Check Africa”, Tim Godfrey offers up high praise to God almighty in this powerful song accompanied by an amazing live visual tagged “Na You Be God Medley,” for fearless 2020.

In this power-packed Medley, Dr. Tim ascribes all Glory to God in appreciation to all His wondrous work.


I bụ Chukwu Ị bụghị mmadụ(You are God You’re not man.)

Na You be God
Almighty God
You no be man oh
You no be man oh
Nara Ekele (take Glory)
Nara Otuto (Receive Worship)
Ome Mma (You who do Good)
Nanị Gị ka m ga efe (You alone will l serve)
A ga m aja Gị mma (l will praise You)
Si na ebighebi, ebighebi ruo na ebighebi(From Everlasting, Everlasting to Everlasting)

Ancient of days
You never ever change all
Ị dịghị agbanwe agbanwe (You do not Change)

From age to age Lord
You remain the same
Ị dịghị agbanwe agbanwe (You do not Change)


Tim Godfrey – Na You Be God Medley


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