Sarah said in Gen 21:6 “God has made me laugh, and everyone who hears of this will laugh with me.”

OVERFLOWING JOY is a prophetic declaration, a song of Praise to the God of wonders who turns sorrow into Joy.

I believe this will inspire every listener to dancing, Faith and Overflowing Joy.

Written by Purist Ogboi, produced by Evans Ogboi for simplicity records.


Aya cha cha ya cha
Aya cha cha ya cha
Aya cha
Ha ya ya ya ye

Have you heard 3x
What the Lord has done for me
It is so marvellous
He has taken away my shame
Gave me double for my pain
Everlasting Joy
Joy Overflowing

Lead call (See what the Lord has done yo)

Overflowing Joy 2x
Overflowing laughter 2x
Overflowing peace 2x
What the Lord has done
It is marvellous in our sight

Come and see 3x
What the lord has done for me
I cannot tell it all
My life he’s turned around
He wiped away my tears
Everlasting Joy
Joy Overflowing

Who am I that you are mindful of me
What is man that you care so much for him
What the enemy meant for evil
You turned it all around
I am so grateful
I owe it all to you


Purist Ogboi Ft Tobiloba – Overflowing Joy (Live)


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