Official Music & Video for “My Hallelujah (Praise Before My Breakthrough)” featuring Katie Torwalt & Jekalyn Carr.

“My Hallelujah (Praise Before My Breakthrough)” was written by Katie Torwalt, Bryan Torwalt, Ricky Jackson, Brock Human & Ran Jackson. It is from Tribl Records’ newest album, ‘Tribl Nights Anthologies.


O, what can take away
My hallelujah
No darkness can contain
My hallelujah
Your cross has made the way
For my hallelujah
My hallelujah

You’re my hallelujah
You’re my hallelujah

No mountain can take my hallelujah
No valley can take my hallelujah

He who came in power, He will come again
He who heals the sick, won’t He move again
He who raised the dead, won’t He raise again
I will sing, I will sing
Oh I will sing, I will sing

I’ll praise before my breakthrough
‘Til my song becomes my triumph
I will sing because I trust You
I will bring my heart, I will lift my song


My Hallelujah (Praise Before My Breakthrough)(feat. Katie Torwalt & Jekalyn Carr) | Maverick City


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