Official Music and Video for “Somebody’s Child” by Blessing Offor and Dolly Parton.


Do you remember dreaming?
Do you remember home?
Do you remember feeling
Like you were not alone?

When a minute was forever
And you had a hand to hold
Tell me you remember
And that you’ll never let go

We’re all somebody’s baby, we’re all somebody’s child
We’re all some kinda crazy, we’re all some kinda wise
We’re all full of amazing, we’re all flirting with lies
We’re all somebody’s heartache, somebody’s can’t wait, somebody’s why
We’re all somebody’s baby, we’re all somebody’s child

Do you remember running?
Do you remember wild?
Do you remember wanting
Just a little more light?

And what about that falling
For the very first time?
Do you remember second chances
After crossing that line?

Somebody’s baby child
Somebody’s child


Blessing Offor, Dolly Parton – Somebody’s Child (Official Music Video)


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