Official audio and Video for Allegiance (ft. 1K Phew & Parris Chariz) by Aaron Cole.


i swear they never believed us
but it’s full course four seasons
i just came back like I’m Jesus
this is a pledge of allegiance
had to see it to receive it
lifestyle gettin speechless
even if we got agreements
still be pledging allegiance

still be pledging allegiance
hand on my heart like i got trouble breathing
handle the bread in my plate I’m a deacon
run wit a force you can see in the creases
mama just saw me rap on bet
that’s all we was watchin we off ebt
I had to get hot so i dodged the degrees
walk a mile in my jeans its not seams
almost aborted i sang on the corner when i was a junior to make me a band
not posed to be where I’m at but I’m right where I’m pose to be at it’s all
part of the plan
relations divided by dollas
we got our stripes cause we keeping it solid
it’s not by a thread to know that I’m him
I Carrey va wit me they know I’m a gem


One nation under God that’s on gawd
i know He gon provide wit a nod
preach on a big mic I’m not Todd
catching the big fish spare the rod
came out the water “Huhhh” I’m alive
kicking that mayalou still i rise
straight out the corner x minimize
i want all kind of vets for the guys
stay out the way i do not want a felly
calling my children collect on the celly
came from the kitchen no food on my belly
we had no ac i turned on some Nelly
i get a shot I’ma shoot wit no hesi
i know they banking on me like I’m desi
lift up the city in prayer it’s too heavy
took off the t put the cross on the Chevy
i used to drip and be broke like a levy
now i fight demons like i am 11
you see no stranger when u get to heaven
Jesus come back it’s a rap like a studio session
when u gon learn your lesson
when u gon sing confessions
why u don’t count your blessings
crazy man


Had to go nuts i erupt on a feature
Say they aint know so u know imma Brief em
know imma say what i see like Ezekiel
Im still the future the prophet of hebrew
Issa hit run it back like the sequel
Im in the trench talking rap wit da people
Thought i was french cause my name like the beatles
We the top 7 how im finna reach you
im a vessel she like me im special
I told her we both finna work on our patience
I needed time to get back to the basics
Put on off whites baby these are not asics
Im getting dressed wit more cheese than a caesar
Up 20 bands i put 5 in the savings
Im slanging rock get em dropped like im David
I cut the paper wit scissors to bait em
the style is never debated
its more official to say u got stripes
Its more attention in lying bout ya phases
U get kick out reading the hype
I made a hit out tryna persuede em
It was safe when i covered my bases
Im not from atlanta but I’m still the bravest


Aaron Cole – Allegiance (ft. 1K Phew & Parris Chariz) [Official Music Video]


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