Amazing and talented singer and minister Chinonso Grace Osazuwa is out with this amazing sound of indepth gratitude and appreciation titled Khuenmolen meaning (Gratitude).


Verse (1)
Abba, I have come to thank you.. For your love care and protection… For the many many things you’ve done for us,am here to say thank you.. You’re the God that has no beginning and the one that has no ending… You created time but you lived out of time and season, what you cannot do can never exist ooooo..

(call) Ibe jem khuenmolen…
(Response) khuenmolen osa- nioba…ibejem khuenmolen oji nosojie.(3times)

AdLib… Abba oooo…oji no oooo….(call) ibejem khuenmolen… Owese ijesu..O’Banion oooo (2) for your blood, you shared on the cross.. For your love that will never be in vain…what manner of man that gave it all for me… Am here to say thank you.. You’re the reason why I sing today, the reason I have eternal life, what seems impossible is possible with you..lord am greatful for your grace…

(Call) ibejem khuenmolen
(response) khuenmolen osa-obilor ibejem khuenmolen ojinosojie ….

AdLib Abba ooo oji ni oooo(call) ibejem khuenmolen (response) AdLib thank you father for your love… (Call)ibejem khuenmolen (response)

AdLib Abba oooo…eehhhhh..(3) we ve been grace to live victoriously the life of peace wealth and increase.. The glory of the father manifest through his love.. We’ve been made King’s for life..

(Backups) thank you Lord (3)for all you’ve done for me…AdLib.. For your love.. Peace.. Grace..
(Backup’s) thank you Lord ..AdLib… for your strength.. My defender.. My promoter….you gave it all for me.. Back to chorus…

AdLib.. Abba oooo ojino
(call)owese ijesus obanio oooo(call) thank you father for your love…
(Call) Abba.. Abba Abba nio ehhhh (call)we can not thank you enough You’ve so good to us…(call)

AdLib iemiew..noyevwe..obanio… Oooo…ehhhhhh…ooooooohhhhhh.

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