Team Night (Live) is Hillsong Worship‘s new Album that comprises of 10 powerful tracks.

An assortment of astonishing, strong, and devotees tunes is hanging around for all Christian and gospel music sweethearts, as the prestigious famous and Popular Australian Christian music acclaim and love bunch from Australia, where they began making music in 1983, at Hillsong Church “Hillsong Worship” drops the hotly anticipated full September 2022 collection which they titles “Team Night“, as they includes eminent vocalist and love pioneers like Aodhan King, Jad Gillies, Brooke Ligertwood and numerous others.

This collection is the second of the year 2022 by the famous contemporary Gospel music group and it is comprised of 10 power stuffed melodies.

S/NTrack TitleDownload Link
1.That’s The Power (feat. Brooke Ligertwood)Download
2.Clean (+ Spontaneous) (feat. TAYA)Download
3.Resurrender (feat. Aodhan King)Download
4.On Reapeat / All To Him (feat. Jad Gillies)Download
5.Secret Place / Goodness Of God (feat. Chris Davenport)Download
6.Never Work Alone (feat. TAYA)Download
7.Waiting Here For You (feat. Jad Gillies)Download
8.Eagle’s Wings (feat. Brooke Ligertwood)Download
9.A Thousand Hallelujahs / I (We) Exalt Thee (feat. Jad Gillies)Download
10.Hope Of The Ages (feat. Jad Gillies)Download



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