The Love of Christ Track 15 on the BORN OF GOD album now out everywhere.

With her creative sound being gospel pop complemented by a unique blend of afro-pop and electric dance, the sixteen-track album is a cascade of melodies heralded in a mélange of uplifting sounds. In ‘Born of God’, Ada outdoes herself with a balance of engaging rhythms littered by the prominence of drums; and creating a spiritual atmosphere that underlies a resonant passion felt throughout her album. According to her: ‘It’s the slowest album I have ever made. I didn’t want to lose the origin of my audience and I didn’t want it to be perceived only as a worship album’.


Er, this song is about the love of Christ
I love to sing about the love of Christ
It’s real and its perfect
It means that when God looks at you
No matter who you are, he sees Christ
Christ is love and love is Christ
It’s the safest place to be
So it’s a real simple song
I sing you sing after me can we do it
Can I have the kick, please?


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