“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His mercy endures forever!” This song of praise & battle cry of Israel prepared the way for their King & Commander (Adonai Tzevaot) to come in judgement & victory over their enemy!
Yeshua IS that King & Commander & He IS ALIVE & active! He is “the firstborn from the dead” who overcame death & darkness and so gives us hope to overcome the enemy of our souls, TODAY! He has not forgotten us, but on the contrary, He is returning for His bride! Even now, He is at work in each of our cities & nations, in this hour of history, in each of our day-to-day lives!
Let’s lift up a song of praise & thanksgiving & make way for our victorious King to come!

This beautiful song was written by Messianic Isreali worship leader Keren Silver. Join us together to praise Yeshua with this new Hebrew LiveWorship session.


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