Psalm 46:1
“God is our Refuge and Strength; the help that will be seen abundantly in the time of tribulation.”

How exciting it is to know that there is One who is stronger than anyone on Earth and even in Heaven.
His actions are powerful.
His words are powerful.
His touch is Power.
There is no power greater than this.
Fame has no power beyond Him, Rank has no power beyond Him, Money and Wealth have no power beyond Him, there is nothing more powerful than Himself.
The source of strength is our God, our Savior.
If you want strength, you will get it from him, this song will give you his strength in your life. Understand that in despair there is the Power of God, in failure there is the Power of God, in Diseases there is the Power of God.
I pray for the strength of Jesus to cry to our God in your life.


Angel Magoti – Una Nguvu (Live Music Video)

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