Official audio and live video for “Dominion” by Transformation Worship featuring Osby Berry.


I got dominion
I got authority
In the kingdom
Got everything I need
Holy Rebellion

We’re standing strong and free
Nothing can stop us
We got the victory
We got the victory

(I got dominion) I got dominion
(You got dominion) You got dominion
(Thats why we winning) That’s why we winning

(I got dominion)
I got dominion
(Don’t need to talk)
Look at the way that I walk…
Look at the way that I walk…

Wherever I go
You already know
Who’s in control
Cuz You’re the king of kings

The lion and lamb
The Great I Am
You hold the world in Your hands
Ruler of everything

The devil’s lie
You are Jehovah Jir-eh
I shall live + and not die
Cuz you’re the king of kings

Your mercy and grace
Follows me day after day (yeah)
So I’ll take up my space
Ruler of everything

I got dominion
And I’m gonna take up my space


Transformation Worship – Dominion (Live)


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