Official Music and Video for The Answer by Chris Tomlin, off the Album ALWAYS.


I used to wonder
If I would ever
Find what I was searching for
Getting lost and
Forever chasing
Always wanting something more

The questions I was fighting
But You were never hiding
Just needed some reminding

Who is gonna love me all my life
Who is gonna never leave my side
Who is gonna be the heartbeat of everything I do
The answer is always You

It’s been a wild ride
And for a while I’ve
Had my share of highs and lows (no doubt)
You’re the calm when
The storm is ragin’
Oh God you never let me go (oh no)

When I think I’m going under
I don’t have to wonder
There’ll never be another

You hold my future (whatever comes)
You hold me together (in Your arms)
You waited patiently for me
And now I know


Chris Tomlin – The Answer (Official Visualizer)

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